Failure analysis:
    Electronics manufacturing:

  • Analysis of the oven temperature reflow profile (lead-free (Pb) technology)
  • Solving the roughness and wetting problems of the soldered joints. Please click HERE for picture gallery.
  • Moisture sensitive level analysis
  • PCBs history failure analysis. Correct identification of the process or component root cause of failure
    • Benefits are:
    • Save supplier/customer creditability
    • Save cost (components and failed boards SCRAP, design costs, rework costs, retest costs)
    • Save supplier engineering time
    • Improved yield by improving process
    Semiconductor devices manufacturing:

  • Investigation of failure circumstances
  • Handling of failure samples
  • External visual inspection of package
  • Evaluation of electrical characteristic
  • Non-destructive internal analysis of packages
  • Determining failure locations inside chips
  • Physical analysis of chips
  • Analysis and structural analysis technologies